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am i done yet?

god i need a break. something has to give.

1. my pain is ridonkulous and isn't stopping and thereby resulting in little to no sleep, twitching, brain fog, suicidal ideation, etc. and the inability to work so i have no money
2. every major appliance i own has needed repair or replacement since august 14th (my birthday, happy birthday)
3. bliss is being stressed and was poorly trained by mueller resulting in their crazy demands of going faster than she should be right out of training
4. indie has an internal lipoma that may eventually need surgery
5. angel's allergies aren't getting any better and she is still on daily meds making her prone to bacterial and yeast infections
6. mischa has a stone in her bladder now with terribly bloody urine, and is having diarrhea and an upset tummy from the meds and hates the special diet food
7. olivia continues to attack angel for no reason
8. my car is making a terrible sound when it is started and feels funny when driven
9. family friend just died of cancer this week
10. i have no money. none. at all.
11. i can't do anything and never do anything other than go to doctors or my parents house
12. can't find a therapist that takes my insurance
13. can't get into a pain management center that will help me and not demand i get another nerve block or have the spinal stimulator implanted
14. piloniodal cyst

can't take this much longer. if it wasn't for the cats and how no one could care for them properly i'd already be gone. 
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